For better and for worse, today’s teens are more connected to each other and their world through the unavoidable presence of social media networks. Yet in the 1990’s, their predecessors’ perceptions of our complex world were shaped by MTV, the gloomy lyrics of grunge rock poets like Nirvana’s late lead…

Sean Persaud (left) co-stars as Ichabod Crane, whose new roommate happens to be the Headless Horseman (right) in Shipwrecked Comedy’s upcoming new series HEADLESS: A SLEEPY HOLLOW STORY. The show recently completed a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign which raised over $200,000 for production, which will begin sometime later this year. HEADLESS will soon be seen on Shipwrecked’s YouTube channel.

Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. Rivals. Enemies. Roommates?

Thanks to the critically acclaimed troupe Shipwrecked Comedy (Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Party, Little VVomen, The Case Of The Gilded Lily)’s successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for their latest project Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story, the once unlikely pairing of two…

NEW YORK’S WORST LANDLORDS host, comedian and longtime New Yorker Jeff Seal.

Cracked walls. Leaky ceilings. Rat and roach infestations. Mold. For the frustrated tenants of many high rise apartments in New York City, their frustration with these and many other unacceptable living conditions they’re forced to deal with every day is exacerbated by the high rent they’re forced to pay their…

Writer/director Miguel Quintero, whose latest short films — THE BABYLICIOUS VLOG, NOT SO BEAUTIFUL, IDEE FIXE and EXTRA LIFE — are now part of the new socially connected streaming platform 16up’s growing library of content.

While independent filmmakers continue to hone their craft in unique and creative ways, they also need to promote their projects — and themselves — in equally distinctive fashion.

That mission is made easier thanks to the recently launched streaming platform 16up and its system of “social distribution”, which combines vertically-shot…

Chris Hadley

Writer, @SnobbyRobot, @FSMOnlineMag, Writer/Creator, @LateLateNewsTV

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